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The Reason – La razón

Innocent, helpless, and small How could we believe that one day He would die to save us all? How then could we have imagined that by his blood alone we

What is perseverance? Don’t give up!

What is perseverance? Be a go-getter Show initiative Don’t give up   Who says that things cannot be done? Nothing is impossible Perseverance is the secret to success The wise

How to make a friend

So, you want to make a new friend - How do you go about it? Let me be first to say that making a friend is all about having your

Things to do each day

A day can be wonderful A day can be dull A day can even be mundane It can be tedious It can seem like forever But that day is only

The scientific side of perspective

One of my favorite things about time and space, is that absolutely nothing can ever happen within there that can not be seen as a blessing in some amazing and

We started to sell acrostic poems

So you can give an original and

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