Choose One – to grow or to stay in comfort zone

  • Choose One - to grow or to stay in comfort zone
I woke up today and a thought crossed my mind –
Is it possible to grow without stepping out of our element sometimes?
I pondered on that and asked myself…
well, doesn’t growth mean to step out of your comfort zone?
and I resulted with this:
You can’t choose both growth and comfort
They do not co-exist
It simply has to be one or the other.
Both can’t exist together
The potential of what could be if chosen separately can be wonderful
but together…
one simply must leave the other
as for me personally, I want to grow and excel and not stay at a constant.
so, I guess that means that comfort is my sandbag – and I must not let it weigh me down.
My fire, which is growth –  needs to have a burning flame for all I plan to achieve and do.
There it is. I choose growth.
What do you choose?
Let one go so you can soar greater heights of what this life has to offer.
Take risks
Create an Adventure
Live life to its fullest – It is what is recommended.
We only get one life.
Make it worthwhile
Just take this thought with you –
Make a decision
The ball is in your court, my friend.



About the Author:

Monica Valero
Monica obtained her passion for writing during her college years while attending University of California Santa Barbara. I obtained my B.A. degree in English and Professional Writing with an emphasis in literature of the mind. Monica resides in Fresno, California. The vision that I want to acquire for this website is to be genuine and honest in my writing in hope of offering hope or inspiration to my readers where needed. My writing style is very real, raw, genuine, and encouraging – I want my writing to mirror my heart and allow my readers to engage themselves with my shared words. I have always been intrigued and fascinated by words. Writing became a release for me growing up, and later down the road it grew to become one of my biggest passions. It now is a way that I allow people to engage themselves with who I am.