Embracing 28

  • Embracing 28

There comes a time in life where you just have to stop, stare, and admire all that has happened – the good times and bad times that were shared. We get older and begin to appreciate the good and bad. I feel as if this year of life will bring insight, joy, purpose, and change.

I am not saying by any means that my last 27 years were dull or less satisfying – however, I am saying that I have a feeling that 28 will be something special. It’s sort of me saying goodbye to some things that have held me down in the past and hello to the bright future ahead.
I know what I want.
I have to stay focused and attain it.
I know what I do not want.
I need to steer clear of making the same mistakes.

I am focused.
I am determined.
I am ready.
I will not settle for anything less than the best.
I am aware that all things worthwhile are hard and challenging, but that just makes this adventure more enjoyable.

Lately, I feel as if my life is not where I want it to be. Then I realized that it is my job to change that. There is no magic button to press to make things change on their own.
So, here I am.
28 years old.
And ready.
Change doesn’t always have to be bad. I am just held back by fear of failure. Then again, you never know until you try.
A wise woman who I absolutely love once told me “you cannot let fear stop you from being happy”.
28 years later.
Those words have hit home for me.
I have no regrets.
I have experiences that have taught me the meaning of life.
I have lived life in ways some haven’t.
I am letting go of some sand bags of life.
I am embracing being 28 and all that it accompanies.



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Monica Valero
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