What is perseverance? Don’t give up!

  • What is perseverance? Don’t give up!

What is perseverance?

Be a go-getter

Show initiative

Don’t give up


Who says that things cannot be done?

Nothing is impossible

Perseverance is the secret to success

The wise pursues labors with determination


If you persevere

It takes heart to finish

What matters is that you stand when the worst is here

And soon…

You will soar

If you persevere


Pray to God daily

Respect and cherish the life he gave you and surrender to his will

You can – you can – you can

You must

If something ends up going wrong

Just dust yourself off and try and try again

Do you keep going when you are falling apart?

Yes, perseverance pays

Never lose sight of what you want to attain

Anything worth attaining is challenging

It was never meant to be easy

But is sure will be worth it

Trust in perseverance

It will lead you to the winning end

It starts with a dream

Add perseverance

And it becomes a goal in sight



About the Author:

Monica Valero
Monica obtained her passion for writing during her college years while attending University of California Santa Barbara. I obtained my B.A. degree in English and Professional Writing with an emphasis in literature of the mind. Monica resides in Fresno, California. The vision that I want to acquire for this website is to be genuine and honest in my writing in hope of offering hope or inspiration to my readers where needed. My writing style is very real, raw, genuine, and encouraging – I want my writing to mirror my heart and allow my readers to engage themselves with my shared words. I have always been intrigued and fascinated by words. Writing became a release for me growing up, and later down the road it grew to become one of my biggest passions. It now is a way that I allow people to engage themselves with who I am.