Things to do each day

  • Things to do each day

A day can be wonderful
A day can be dull
A day can even be mundane
It can be tedious
It can seem like forever
But that day is only going to come into your life once.
You will no longer be able to get that day back
No do-overs are to to be made for that day

We are given 86,400 seconds in a day
It is up to you on what you decide to do with those seconds
Don’t let time fly by
Don’t let regrets come into mind
Take hold and cease the day for what it is

Tell someone you love them
Before it ever becomes to late
Don’t hold back in fear
Live today and everyday as if its a gift
You never know what will happen the next day later

Practice to pause
Take time and see the beauty surrounding you
It may one day never appear.
Don’t stress about the little things
Just pause and pray

Life moves swiftly
Make each day count
We are only given 86,400 seconds.



About the Author:

Monica Valero
Monica obtained her passion for writing during her college years while attending University of California Santa Barbara. I obtained my B.A. degree in English and Professional Writing with an emphasis in literature of the mind. Monica resides in Fresno, California. The vision that I want to acquire for this website is to be genuine and honest in my writing in hope of offering hope or inspiration to my readers where needed. My writing style is very real, raw, genuine, and encouraging – I want my writing to mirror my heart and allow my readers to engage themselves with my shared words. I have always been intrigued and fascinated by words. Writing became a release for me growing up, and later down the road it grew to become one of my biggest passions. It now is a way that I allow people to engage themselves with who I am.